Changes in the business is a permanent event to occur, while all other factors can be temporary. A solution to that change, is restructuring of the system, responding to the market. If your business has to fill the gaps between market and old wearing systems, it's time to consider a new operational service. Our team at PlusInfosys provides you with experts that help you shift the heart of your business that is the operational system to get an automated solution.


What is an Operational System?

Operational systems track transactions of your business by using your processed documents that could be invoice, reservations, purchase orders, etc. All these processed documents have reference tags as order, invoice and unique reservation numbers, and are used as the primary key to your operational schemas.

Wondering why do you need a new operational system, reasons are listed below:

  • When your general health of the system is wearing out due to old practices.
  • When you need optimisation in the system which is entirely automated.
  • When you need modifications in the system, as your client's requirements change.
  • When you need better security services, with a new operational system, our experts suggest migrating to the cloud is also a good option.
  • When manual errors become a big concern to your system, an automated operational system is the best solution.

These reasons are crucial for a business to keep working, upgrading your organisation such as application migration, system integration and operational system.

Strategy for Operational System Implementation:

01. Analyse

Our experts analyse your current system, processes, manually created documents, and advise you what fits the health of your system, how to bridge the gaps between the functionalities.

02. Restructure

After intaking your inputs of where your business is heading, we communicate with the employees to mark the areas in which things need to be restructured and an improved workflow process is performed to ensure the work is done more efficiently.

03. Feature Advancement

By understanding your existing systems, if there are requirements of any new application, that didn't previously exist, will be suggested for the better workflow of your system.

04. Blueprinting

Creating a visual of the workflow, which is converted from your older system, processed documents to an automated version of your system.

05. Prototype

Articulating all the discussions and creating a prototype that can help you visualise how your system, how will it work.

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