While holding a responsibility for the whole system process, why let data suffer in the unsecure hands? Experts at PlusInfosys are here to help you with the secure data migration service without hindering the privacy of your business, nor loss of any data.


There are chances that one might be interested to know why DMS?

Well, data is one of the most important assets that your company can rely upon. Data migration is important because it activates a necessary element to increase server expectancies, storage hardware also adding data-intensive applications and large scale virtualization projects that can handle data smoothly, for you to be stress free in a cost effective manner.

Data Migration comprises of four factors that you have in control:

  • Knowing your data
  • Clean-ups
  • Maintenance & protection
  • Governance

Not only why, but let's clear where can Data Migration be done?

  • If you have a new business application, and want to merge old data from the chosen previous applications, you need migration.
  • If you are moving your IT platform to the virtual private clouds, to improve scalability and high availability of the data, you need migration.
  • When you want to consolidate your data centrally, or you want to move data from an existing server to a new one, you need migration.
  • If you need synchronisation in the older data and new systems of your applications, you need migration.

Data Migration Strategy and Process

Our experts provide you with the best possible strategies with your data. We follow the following steps in order to keep your migration safe and sound.

  • Exploring and assessing the source: Before migrating we analyse your data technically, to understand the mapping of data, and an audit run is performed.
  • Defining and designing migration: Drawing out your data in a technical structure of the solution and detailing the migration process.
  • Building the Migration solution: Common tests are done to break the data into subsets and build out the solution, one step at a time, so that no casualties are present.
  • Conducting live tests: Testing processes are done to ensure the accuracy of the implementation and completeness of the migration.
  • Audit: Final audits when the system goes live.

Here we help you through phases of designing, extracting, cleansing, loading and verifying of data. We ensure security, high availability, reliability and consistency of the data.


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