Database, Spreadsheets and Cloud Operations, PlusInfosys offers you the best management and scalability for your business. Our easy to use, user friendly databases is adaptable, and fits according to your business needs. Our experts provide reliable, professional and value for money service.


What are Bespoke Databases?

Bespoke Databases are core of software applications, as they hold all the data and bring together key information, providing a range of flexible functionality, which boosts up tangible advancements and benefits for your organisation. By making the information that drives your business more easily available to your respective teams, our bespoke database provides the fuel here to run your business having fingertip access to the data makes it a game changer in the market.

Reasons to use the Bespoke Database Service:

  • Looking for a customised database, for your business?
  • Deciding whether bespoke software or an off-the-shelf package is right for you?
  • Would you like a rough idea of the cost of developing the bespoke system you need?

If the answer to any of these questions has a yes, our experts are ready to help you in a very cost effective manner. We create the most secure databases, on MySQL that has been voted highly competitive in the international field.

Our Bespoke Database software design services ensure that we find out and understand how your business works so that we give you the simplest possible solution, that does exactly what your organisation needs. If you have several users it helps you, as it will be cheaper to have a bespoke database designed by us than it would be to buy something off-the-shelf, because we don't charge per user.

Because the database system is customised to your needs, it should also make the system more effective and efficient. This means no big training programme and a stress-free transition to the new database system, and we provide you just that. We don't hold you into an expensive support package. You just get excellent service as and when you need it, and you pay, when you use it.

Not sure which database you'll need?

Not to worry, that's what we're here for. We'll work with you to understand your business requirements - who will use your database, what tasks they should be performing, how regularly data needs to be modified, what hardware should be used, levels of access and scalability requirements.

Our strategy of working:

The very first thing our experts do is find out what you actually need, in a detailed manner. That analysis has to be done with the team that handles the database and its related field , and what they use it for. It's also important to know what IT hardware you use, how often the data gets amended and updated, which groups of users need what levels of access, and estimates of the increase in your database size and the number of users in the next few years.

Based on the conclusions of conversations and the detailed analysis that follows, we suggest specific recommendations accordingly, in line with these categories:

  • Local databases.
  • Cloud databases.
  • Local databases synchronised/replicated with a central database.
  • Multi-tenanted databases, e.g. for a partnership where each member has the same functionality, interface, and methodology.

The end result for your business will be a database which provides easy access to the full range of information, and also allows you to carry out real-time reporting and precise data analysis through simple, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

We can also create mobile or web appsto make the knowledge in your database, so as to have a visual picture. A well designed mobile or web app has the potential to have marketing benefits and even create new revenue streams for your business.


We can be of major assistance in commonly occurring issues such as these:

  • Issues arising from inappropriate software.
  • Database development is unfinished.
  • Original developer is no longer available.

Data Migration

We also provide data migration. This usually means data in the old system needs to be "migrated" to the newer system. In many situations, the data needs to be synchronised between the old and new systems to ensure a side-by-side lookout, for security. While holding a responsibility for the whole system process, why let your data suffer in the unsecure hands? Experts at PlusInfosys are here to help you with the secure data migration service without hindering the privacy of your business, nor loss of any data.

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