Need to process data from hardware, A dedicated computing that requires specific component integration and configuration to meet the unique requirements such as streaming a video from camera, or measuring devices temperature and many more according to your application? PlusInfosys is ready with experts who enable a deep knowledge base of each customer's technology requirements, assist with component obsolescence, TCO, system efficiency, performance, and on-going support.


Examples to understand software and hardware integration:

  • In a pharmaceutical company, an app with lasers via USB can help control production
  • While running a restaurant, you'd want a system that could monitor how much is your food wastage?
  • Job Management with SMS messaging application

Examples to understand software and hardware integration:


  • Integration and Qualification
  • 3rd Party Software Integration
  • Custom Development

Operating System:

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Patch Management
  • Image Development


  • Validation Testing
  • Driver and Component Integration
  • Hardware/Software Optimization
  • Configuration Management


  • Management and Support
  • Development and Qualification

What does Software and Hardware Integration contain?

  • Hardware: The physical device that read your data from. Such as cameras, lasers, weighing scales, a measuring device, a thermometer, or a robot.
  • A Sensor: A device that converts the analogue signal from the hardware into digital data for processing.
  • A Connector: The connector bus to transfer the information between the hardware and a software contained device like a computer. Some examples of connector bus are USB cables, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connections.
  • Software: Lines of code called a program that tells the hardware what tasks to perform, Such as how to recognise a person with fever?

How will PlusInfosys benefit you?

  • Customized user interface dashboard:For users to quickly and easily exercise around the system and visualize data from the hardware, we customize a user-friendly design.
  • Big storage: Transfer and secure large amounts of data on the software, to let your organisation have definite results during the analysis.
  • Automated alerts: Receive alerts/alarms when you go beyond the parameters you have set.
  • Analysis report: Generate reports from the data captured, stored and print or email them when needed, to comply with ease of workflow.

What other services do we offer along with Software and Hardware Integration?

  • Hosting: We assure secure and simplified hosting after the completion of integration.
  • Ongoing maintenance: If needed the access to our in-house developers and the benefits of the service level agreement (SLA), then you can also request for this optional service from our customer support.

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