RFID enabled Crop Management Platform

RFID-enabled crop cultivation platform saves growers time & money. Period.


The client wanted to develop cannabis Management & Inventory Platform, which they discussed with us. The client wanted growth management, inventory control, and automated compliance.

The objective was to make it automated by making it RFID-Enabled. Rapid audits and Secure API was also required.

Idea was to track plants through the cultivation cycle with RFID handheld and using the same technique for inventory control.

Our Approach

Working with latest Technoloty

Plusinfosys understand client’s requirement and built a custom IOT software with growth management and Inventory control module following agile methodology. Software engineers from Plusinfosys team use the latest technology to achieve all functionality.

Our Approach


Lodestone data technologies announced new handheld –Handheld only solution for Cannabis cultivations, which can save time and money of cultivators and inventory managers.


The software is ready for smaller organizationsto deliver a quick return on investment so that cultivations of all sizes can take advantage of the efficiencies that RFID brings to inventory and grow management.

The client is happy as they received excellent feedback from end users.

Result Efficiency

Available on Following Link

Technology Stack

SQL Lite
Amazon Web Service
AWS Lambda
Amazon RDS
Amazon EBS
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon SNS
Amazon SQS
Amazon S3
Node JS

Work speaks louder than words

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