Products and Recipes nutritional Advice App solution

Visualizing the nutritional information in your favorite products and recipes, this solution aim to put you back in charge of your diet.


It was not just an application idea, but a client’s dream and client were very much passionate about it. The client wanted to develop Personalized, Unbiases nutritional advice application everyone can trust.

Objective & Aim
  • With a wealth of misinformation in the media, it is not hard to see why obesity and diabetes are running rampant.
  • The only way to fight back is to be an informed consumer. This is what the client wanted to do.
  • The objective was to provide an application which can be used to visualize nutritional information in their favorite products and recipes.
  • The aim was to put everyone back in charge of their diet.

Our Approach

The client has great domain knowledge, and PlusInfosys tried to understand everything through discussion and documentation. Instead of doing everything at once, PlusInfosys implemented features step by step for iOS and Android platform. Plusinfosys used Xamarin for application development.

Our Approach


Best In Beg, Application was successfully launched in the market.
Client received appreciation and recognition from many people and groups.

Best In Beg was accepted into the Alia 2018 Serious Impact Start-Up Accelerator in East London.  In March 2018, it was shortlisted as a part of the NHS England and the office of Life science wave 2 Test Bed Competition in the fight against diabetes.

Available on Following Link

Technology Stack

SQL Server
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft .net

Work speaks louder than words

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