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Education App offers e-learning for all age people/students using Mobile and TV App
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The objective was to build an e-Learning platform that connects learners and mentors with the aim “You Learn, You Grow“ as self-learning platform.


Our Approach

PlusInfosys team did a detailed analysis and studied requirement and built a platform following agile methodology.

PlusInfosys team used emerging technology to achieve all functionality released project and supporting continues development for enhancing this platform to the next level.

Our Approach



It offers a collection of topics and chapters of all the subjects for different level’s students. Here we have given Courses, that carefully researched and defined by subject experts and followed the textbook of Government. This make the learning easy and interesting through audio, visual and graphical presentation for each course.


This is the collection of various topics of chapters of respective course for all the level’s students. It allows user to learn the topic individual. Learning the whole chapter in once is difficult, it makes it easy by braking them in to topics. It allows to learn the topics as per your required level.

  • This represent Ideas of students for various field they have submitted.
  • Ideas with reason, method, novelty, description and its evaluation.
  • It shows how an Idea become exercise in real life.
  • Think there must an idea moving in your brain now.

The PROGRESS is where all your result data is stored. Knowledge is power and knowing which chapter and subject have made the biggest impact on your educational growth is important to your progress.

This page not only allows you to review all your studied course, but it also provides a day-to-day visual breakdown of your progress via the graph.

It also cares that you complete the course and then you go ahead for next course.


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Technology Stack

Android Studio

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