App for configure iBeacon

Avvel Hub is designed to quickly and simply find and configure iBeacons. Please note that in order to use this app you must already have purchased an iBeacon from us.


  • The client is manufacturer of multipurpose iBeacons.
  • Objective was to develop and application to configure these iBeacons.
  • Secure connection with beacon was most important factor.

Our Approach

Our Approach
Security comes first

PlusInfosys use BLE connection to connect with iBeacon securely, with a password. Simple UI was designed for the app.

PlusInfosys Defined a way to view and update all parameters of iBeacons.


Avvel Hub application for configuring iBeacon was successfully built and uploaded on Appstore.

All the customers who are using Avvel hub iBeacons for the different purposes are using this application for configuring it.


Available on Following Link

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