Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019
Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Darshana | January 09 , 2019
Happy New Year and Good Morning. With each new rising sun, comes the chance to look back as well as to look forward.

I am at work, very much excited about all the routine tasks which were boring before. The reason for this excitement is not New Year Morning only.

Yesterday evening, I was at a doctor's clinic – Most boring place to visit. There was a long queue, and everyone was busy digging their phone. luckily, my phone battery was down, it gave me permission to pick a book from a pile which was waiting to get read. That small book had stories in Gujarati. One of which hit me hard.

Once upon a time, there was an old bricklayer. He was very smart and skilled in his work. But with age, his body was demanding rest, so he decided to quit his job. His boss agreed but requested him to build the last house before he chose retirement. The bricklayer was not in a mood to work, but for the sake of good relations he had with his boss, he had to say YES. He started building house half-heartedly, He just wanted to finish that house and leave as soon as possible. After a month, the house was ready.  He looked at the house and sighed deeply, He knew this was the worst house he has ever built in his life.

He asked his boss to relieve him now, as he had finished his last job.

The Boss smiled and gave him keys of that house, "You have worked with the company for long and done a great job throughout. This house is the company's gift to you."

The bricklayer was speechless and confused, felt happiness and regret at the same time. If he had any idea, he was building his own life through his work, he would have done it better.

Are not we all like The Bricklayer? Oblivious to the fact that our work is for our own good, Oblivious to the fact that we are creating our lives through our work, Oblivious to the fact that our future is linked to the work we are doing now!

This was the story of old Bricklayer, but I imagined myself there. It gave me chance to learn a new mantra this new year. “My work is for no one else, but for myself! My work will bring me all the happiness!

Happy New Year everyone.

Whatever you do in your life, do it with full heart and give your 100%, You never know what you will get from that.