My Mentor Book - connecting learners and mentors

A Mentor is someone who helps you to see the talent inside you
A Mentor is someone who helps you to see the talent inside you

My Mentor Book - connecting learners and mentors

PlusInfosys | December 03 , 2018
A Mentor is someone who helps you to see the talent inside you...

Life is about learning at each stage and there is never an end to learning. We can learn from various sources such as nature, time, circumstances and through our mentor.

Nature, time and circumstances teach us in their own way and at their own time, which are not in our control. They teach us lessons that cannot be learnt from a mentor. On the other hand, a mentor is the only source of learning that enables us to learn in a way that we can understand and at our time. It is, however, difficult to get the best mentor in life. We may even need different mentors to learn different lessons. For example, if I want to learn any science, I need a mentor for science. If I want to learn about health or fitness, I need a fitness mentor. If I want to learn about management, I need a management mentor. Do you think this it is possible to find all such mentors from one source with minimum cost or even no cost? Of course, I would say "no" if, I was not aware of MYMentorBook. Such mentors and many more areas of specialities in mentors are now available through MyMentorBook. It is an idea created by Team plusInfosys and developed by the PlusInfosys, an innovative software outsourcing consulting company which provides customized IT solutions.

MyMentorBook- the name itself expresses its aim. It aims to provide mentors to learners across the world. MyMentorBook connects people by creating a network of people who want to learn and those who want to teach. It works as a bridge between a learner and trainer, with no barriers of an area, region, language etc. It is an online platform where mentor and learner are connected through technology. It follows the principle that health comes first. Hence, it works with fitness, education, and business as well. It believes in continuous improvement of personal, educational and professional training. It awakes the learner within you and transforms a learner into a well-trained person in personal and professional life. MyMentorBook makes the learning method self-measurable and personalized too. It removes learning phobia and serves a well-trained mentor to the society.

It is said that health is the priority in life. If you do not have a fit and healthy body then all your wealth is of no use. MyMentorBook also started its journey from fitness initially. When a fit and strong body have a strong mind, it is called complete fitness which is must for a healthy lifestyle. MyMentorBook serves all the features needed for complete fitness.

Let us take a tour of Fitness Application, a part of MyMentorBook.

It is for Real ABS Workout, it can be used in any Android, iOS or TV. Famous International personal trainer, Alex Carneiro is the partner and Ambassador of Fitness Application. With this application, you can have guidance and workout training through videos. Apart from training or workout, you can get information about a healthy diet, weight loss with proper diet not by eating less, workout for strong mind etc. All the information provided in this application were specially composed by Mr. Alex.

"As it is said that "Abs are made in the kitchen" follow the proper diet and nutrient tips given in this application."

There is a pre-defined benefit-sharing model for other collaborator or partners. Some percentage of earning amount is shared with its content creator, partner, and supporter.

After getting fit and healthy body the MymentorBook comes to education another basic necessity. Now after healthy and fit body a person need better education to live healthy lives. There is no age limit or time bound to get the education. The government too has undertaken several initiatives for education but as a responsible human being, we should also think about this. Our current education system is event centralized institutional growth is measured. Education changes the way of thinking and makes the person more creative which help the nation, world and universe as well another universe also. MyMentorbook took a step ahead in the direction of education with the aim to educate more and more people and to get rid of learning phobia to best serve the nation. There was a brainstorming session which made the creators realize that there are many books, audios and videos on education but there is no platform to collate all this to make the learning process easy for all generations. Finally, a product called Education application was created with the aim to make the education transformative and self-measurable. It makes learning more interesting with animations.

Let us take a tour of Education Application, a part of MyMentorBook.

Education app is designed for teachers, parents, and students with special access and content. It provides the latest technology with simplicity to enhance the learning experience. It has two phases. In the first phase, it includes learning through an audio-visual method which is quite easy to grasp for children. Hence children can learn the lessons easily as compared to reading and it also has better retention power. In the second phase, the application includes assessment/exercises/test for the specified course/chapter. Based on performance, students get certificates or are advised to learn the lesson again. It supports all Indian languages. It can be specially tailored as per mentor's requirement or learner's need. This will also help get rid of the tuition tradition as 'students can get guidance which they receive from the school. It will create an environment where education will be of the same level for all class people where even the economic condition of parents will not be affected. Parents will not have to think about the school fees in order to give the best education.

In India, there are many interior or rural areas, where people are not able to educate their children due to hardships. In that case, this application will become an ideal source of education. There are many children who have never attend school but want to get educated now. However, learning phobia restricts them. Now, they can get the education through this app through better education which is their right.

There are some schools to educate adults too. However, many people do attend such schools due to several reasons. We may not succeed to send adults to school, but we can provide learning opportunity at their home. This app will be useful for people who want to learn but cannot go to school.

MyMentorBook has developed benefit sharing formula / win-win model for fitness and education as well. It shares benefit in term of the economy to the content creator and gives credit too.

"Find the best mentor who helps you take the first step towards success."